nbr extensions in albertson, ny

Welcome! I’m Gina Marie, a certified Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) extension specialist since February 2018, on Long Island, Albertson NY, offering extension services to guests.

NBR is a hair extension method that uses minimal points of contact to create flawless, natural looking hair extensions. There is no heat, tape or glue needed to attach them to your hair, therefore there is less opportunity for damage to your natural hair.

Are you here as a client interested in NBR? Whether you are wanting to add fullness, length or achieve mermaid status, there is an option within NBR for YOU!


 Click the link below to get the hair you’ve been dreaming of.

natural beaded rows application: https://ginamarieluxuryhair.wufoo.com/forms/zgzdh5y19erp33/

once your COMPLETED application is submitted, I will be intouch within 2-3 business day! 

the process...

before & afters

2 Rows - 18 in - Covet & Mane

1 Row - 18in - Isla Hair

1 Row - 18in

Covet & Mane

1 Row - 22in

Isla Straight

Tone Change

2 Rows - 22in -Covet & Mane

2 Rows - 26in - Covet & Mane

1 Row - 22in - Covet & Mane

3 Rows - 22in - Isla Beach Wave

3 Rows - 22in 

Covet & Mane

2 Rows - 22in

Isla Beach Wave

1 Row - 18in

Covet & Mane

client policy

Yes, I know, we all are freaking out about POLICY.


I want to be honest, transparent and upfront.


When committing to work together, there are somethings id like to go over as one of my mermaid NBR Guests.


As an artist, my time and availability is limited, there are only so many hours and days a week I am in the salon. I pre-book 3-6-8 weeks inadvance. I am only in my salon Tuesday-Fridays 10-6 pm.

Every Guest's appointment is different and takes some time. I love to build a great relationship with each of my clients as well. Extensions are an entirely different service and lifestyle then a regular guest.

Therefore, in order to keep you on my books, i require a valid credit card on file. This is incase of a scheduling or reschedule with in 3 days or less leading up to your appointment.


If you are more than 25 minutes late to your appointment, it may result in having to forfeit your appointment. This will result in having to place a new deposit or a fee of 50% of total service.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must do so 72 hours\3 days prior to the time you are scheduled. If you cancel or reschedule past this time,  it will result in a 50% charge of the total service scheduled to your card on file.

If the card is declined/invalid/or not provided the cancellation fee will be due upon your next appointment.

If you do not show up or cancel the day of your appointment the day with or without any notice, it will result in a 100% no show fee and you understand that I, Gina Marie, will not be able to schedule any future appointments with you.


Please understand, your time and my time is valuable and limited. As long as we have constant communication, we will be just fine! I will take CoVid into consideration, if you are exposed or become positive, I will gladly reschedule your appointment to a later date, but i do require a NEGATIVE LAB TEST (not a rapid) inorder to reschedule and return to my salon.