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Rosalie is a licensed Cosmetologist. "My passion in the beauty industry started since before I could remember . I started with hair, I learned to braid at a young age and I would do all types of braids on all of my friends. Later on I fell in love with makeup and the transformation that the beauty industry can  provide for women. The best feeling is when I finish a service and my clients face is full of happiness. I specialize in makeup, brows and lashes. I believe our eyes are the windows of our face and the brows are designer curtains. 


Services I provide are for the brows, lashes, waxing and makeup.

Brow shaping and tinting are amongst the most popular services. I clean your brows with wax, measure, shape them and tint them. The tinting darkens them and gives them an appearance of shades in brows that can last up to 2 weeks." 


Micro-blading  is Permanent makeup with natural like hair strokes. The strokes are achieved with a needle depositing pigment into the skin.This is great for any client that wants a more permanent solution to their eyebrows as the results can last up to 3 years. 

Lash lift and tint  This service is great for any woman who wants her lashes to be curled and dark  all day and night without using an eyelash curler or mascara daily. Now you don’t have to worry about having to deal with the hassle of removing mascara. The service is under a hour and your lashes can last up to 5 weeks with proper care! 

Eyelash extensions  Individual mink eyelashes being attached to your individual lash hair. This service is great for ladies who love false lashes as want they’re eyes to really stand out! This service can last up to 6 weeks with routine fillings.

Amalia is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. An insured member with the America Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), she is passionate about helping people dealing with Stress, Pain and discomfort due to either injury, Post surgery or stresses of life.

Her experience consists of working with Hospice, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Chiropractors, Sports Clubs.  Just to name a few.

Not only applying her training in Swedish, Deep tissue, Medical Massage, Pre-natal, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure, Cranial sacral, trigger point therapy, Gentle Stretching and Reiki. Her honed skills and intuitive touch help to aide in her treatment which is customized specifically for the client.

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